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Challenge 173 Tie-breaker

We have a tie-breaker for Best Composition.

Voting will end Midnight Monday, March 8th , and results will be posted after that. I have used the icon numbers from the voting post as this makes things easier all round.

Challenge 173 - Glasses

03. 04. 05.

07. 12.

Please do not vote for yourself or ask others to do so!

This poll is closed.

Best Compostion

Neal FBI Team

Challenge Reminder and Announcement

Challenge Reminder

You have about ONE week left until Midnight Tuesday, March 2nd, to submit your icons for the current challenge. We have 10 icons entered so far.

Please submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post.
Challenge 173 - Glasses

Mod Note: After much consideration and with much regret, I've decided that this will be the last challenge I run here, due mainly to health issues. I will still be running daily_neal for a while yet (though with a short hiatus in March due to a minor operation on my left elbow), and don't intend to completely lose touch with this fandom. Thank you to everyone who has made this place what it is!