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The White Collar Icontest

White Collar Icontest
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White Collar icon challenge/icontest


Hello and welcome to whitecollaric!

At whitecollaric we organize fortnightly White Collar icon challenges. Everyone is invited to join in on the fun. Whether you are here to compete in the challenges, to vote for your favorites or just to admire the pretty icons, we are happy to have you here with us. You don't have to be a member of this community to participate in the challenges but I would recommend you at least 'watch' us so you'll be up to date on our schedule.

Please visit our 'Rules' section for more infomation!


nutty_musings for the original code for profile page
aumbry for the banner in the About Us section
pinvoke.com for the mini icons
deedo_2313 for the header and design of the journal layout & the adaption of the profile page


General Guidelines

* You don't have to be a member of this community to enter your icons in a challenge, but I'd encourage anyone who wants to participate to at least watch the community.
* Anyone may vote in any challenge, you don’t have to be a member to do so.
* If you would like to use any of the icons posted here, please ask the icon maker for permission first and credit accordingly.


* You may submit up to FIVE (5) icons for each challenge.
* All icons must meet LJ standards of max. 100x100 pixels and not more than 40kb in size.
* You may use your own images unless stated otherwise in the challenge, as well as or instead of any that we have also provided.
* There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winner as well as a Mod's Choice for each challenge. There may be additional special categories (i.e. Best Cropping, Best Colour, Best Text etc.)
* Animation is allowed unless stated otherwise.
* All icons must be original. That includes cropping. Do not use other people’s bases, unless a challenge specifically allows them (in which case we most probably will be the ones providing them anyway).
* Please do not enter old icons or your submission will be disqualified.
* Please do not post your icons anywhere until voting is over and the winners have been announced or your icons will be disqualified.
* Upload your icons to photobucket, imgur or some other place that allows direct linking.
* Submit your icons in one comment to the challenge entry. The Comments will be screened.
* Please submit the image and the URL.
* If you make changes to your icons, please either edit your original entry or delete it and post a new entry.
* Please do not make any changes to your icons after the voting starts.
* Icons are due the following Tuesday evening after the challenge in posted, at MIDNIGHT wherever you are. However, as long as you get your icons submitted before voting goes up they will be accepted.
* There have to be at least THREE (3) submissions before there will be a voting. TWO (2) of those should be from someone else than a moderator. If those numbers are not reached, there will either be an extension of the challenge or we will skip to the next challenge and a mod will pick one icon from each submission for a participation banner.


* Voting will be in comment form.
* Voting will last three days.
* Please vote correctly or your vote will not count.
* You may not vote for yourself.
* You may invite others over to vote, but do not tell them which icons are yours as this will be considered cheating and you will be disqualified.
* When voting for the Top 3, please vote according to preference as the first choice will get 5 Points, the second 3 Points and the third choice will get 1 Point to minimize the chance of a tie.
* If 3 or more icons tie in a challenge there will be a tie breaker voting.
* If your icons are involved in tie breaker voting you do not need to vote.


* Challenges are posted fortnightly on Wednesdays and will last one week.
* A Challenge Reminder will be posted on Saturdays.
* Icons are due Tuesday evenings at MIDNIGHT, wherever you are.
* Voting is posted on Wednesdays and will last three days.
* Tie Breaker voting, if needed, will last one or two days.


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